A Few Points To Note About Diamond Engagement Rings

We all know that women go 'gaga' for diamonds, don't they? At least most of them anyways. Apart from its great beauty, a diamond ring indicates something eternal and timeless. That is the reason why if a man proposes to get married, there is none that could better signify his endless affection for her than a diamond ring.

If you are interested in buying a diamond engagement ring soon, there are important things that you need to know beforehand in order to get the best possible engagement ring for your woman. Needless to say, you should realize that diamond rings are expensive. If you would like inexpensive rings, then buy rings with other kinds of gemstones instead or just purchase a gold ring. You might have to spend a lot of money, depending on the construction of the ring and worth of the gemstone. You must not make a promise your girl to give her a diamond engagement ring, save you have enough money to buy one. If this is not done you might only upset her.


Diamond engagement rings are made up of two things combined: the band or the ring itself, and the gemstone. The ring is labeled as the setting and it is frequently crafted from gold or platinum. Platinum is a really valuable metal, so if a diamond ring uses a setting crafted from platinum then you have to expect its selling price to be very high. Other bands are crafted from gold, but mostly not 100 % pure. Jewelers usually mix another metal such as nickel in order to create a stronger setting.

The stone in itself constitutes 60 % of the total worth of the ring. Still, as you might have noticed if you go to jewelry retailers, the price tag of rings are not the same. The diamond ring can be priced as low as $2000 or more than millions of dollars. It appears too silly to consider that one item of diamond ring could be worth that much. So the question is “How do experts evaluate the value of a gemstone?”

There are four factors that play a part in the worth of a diamond. They call them the “Four Cs.” The four Cs point to color, cut, clarity and carat. The worth of a gemstone may also depend on its color. The more widespread a specific color amongst diamonds is, the lower the price. Therefore, the more uncommon the color is the more costly the diamond will become. The most prevalent diamond color is yellow. On the contrary, the rarest colors are blue, red, green and pink.


Cut merely is the term for the cut done on the diamond to form it into certain shape. The cut in a way impacts the sharpness and shine of the gemstone. Clarity is the term for the presence or absence of flaws on the diamond. Despite the fact that it’s very rare, quite a few diamonds are determined to have no flaws and are considered to be very expensive. Quite a popular choice today are Princess Cut diamond engagement rings, which are characterised by a mixture of brilliant and emerald cuts.


Lastly, carat refers to the weight of the diamond itself; meaning, the greater the carat, the larger the stone and the more expensive it is.

Knowing basic facts about diamond rings like the things mentioned previously could help you understand which type of diamond engagement rings should be affordable for you. You are not required to physically pay a visit to local jewelry stores yet. There are a lot of web-based jewelry shops that you can surf via the World Wide Web. They have a huge assortment of diamond rings, equipped with all the photos and details on each.

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